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For Hospitals

Surgical complications during hip replacement procedures can lead to premature revision surgery, non-surgical corrective measures, extended hospital stays and litigation. PelvAssist™, in development by Avenir Medical, can reduce implant alignment surgical complications, thereby saving money. Unlike traditional navigation systems, PelvAssist™ is cost-effective, quick, and easy to use by surgeons.

Every year, thousands of hip replacement recipients suffer from surgical complications, often due to component alignment. For example, studies have shown that 3% of primary hip replacements and 10% of revisions suffer from dislocation within 3 months of surgery [1].

Why Premature Revision Hurts

  • Revision hip surgery is far more costly than primary hip surgery [2]

  • Operating rooms are typically booked longer for revision procedures

  • Corrective revision may result in litigation

How PelvAssist™ Helps

  • Improved surgical precision means better reputation

  • Available at a low cost, without high capital expenditures

  • Designed to fit into normal hospital operating procedures

Additional Benefits

  • Electronic record keeping

  • Logged data can be used for academic studies

Avenir products are currently not for sale

[1] Mahomed, Nizar N. et al. Rates and Outcomes of Primary and Revision Total Hip Replacement in the United States Medicare Population Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery Vol 85A, No. 1, 2003

[2] Burns, Alexander W.R. and Bourne, Robert B. Economics of Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty Current Orthopaedics Vol 20, pp. 203-207, 2006